Where to Get Romanian Passport Photos?

Traveling to Bucharest is on many people’s bucket list, and the main question is where you can access a Romania visa photos or Romanian passport photos. Preparing for such a vacation needs attention to details, and in addition to travel documents, you also need Romanian Visa photos.

Firstly, you will need a passport, and the application process is quite easy as long as you meet all the requirements. The Romanian passport involves four Romanian passport photos. You don’t need to leave the comfort of your house to get these images as they are easily accessible online, for instance, through photo apps, UPS stores, Rite Aid, CVS, iVisa Photos, or Walgreens, or an AAA branch.

The Romanian visa photos have some requirements, including a height of forty-five mm and a width of thirty-five mm. There are some requirements, like the photo should be coloured and your head position should be straight. Black and white photos aren’t accepted, and smiling in the photos is illegal.

The eyes must also be visible well, and blurry images aren’t acceptable. It’s also not advisable to wear a head wrap unless you need religious exceptions. The Romanian passport photos should be four, and these are the essential requirements you need to know.

So without further ado, let’s discuss the essential requirements:

How to Save Money on Passport Photos?

Planning for big trips like a trip to Rome can be an exciting experience, but some costs of processing a passport are involved.

You can save money on your Romanian passport photos as long as you know all the requirements. From the explanations given earlier on the requirements, you can process your own Romanian passport photo at an affordable price.

Some expensive ways to attain your passport photo include visiting the stores specialising in taking Romanian passport photos. These professional photographers can be expensive, but they take the photo and print out the one which meets the governments’ passport requirements.

The charges for these photos are normally fifteen dollars, and you can get your photo at a much lower price. That way, you will save up lots of bucks, and the process doesn’t take more than thirty minutes.

You can also cut on these costs by taking the photo at home as long as it meets all the requirements.

There are several ways of printing these passport photos and cut on costs. Firstly, if you have a coloured image printer, you can do this at home. As long as you produce the exact photo-sized prints as per the requirements, you will only need a few high-quality paper sheets. There are also some cheap online places where you can submit an order.

As long as you have the image on your phone or memory sticks, a local Walgreens or CSV vendor can print it for you. It’s advisable to come up with a dual photo collage side by side as long as it meets the required dimensions.

When taking these Romanian passport photos, ensure that the background is white, and you can take it by positioning your body against any white wall. The lighting should be perfect, and you should avoid any shadows.

Where to Get and Print My Romanian Passport Photos

From the explanation given in the first section, you can take your Romanian id photo easily as they are accessible online through photo apps, CVS, Rite Aid, iVisa Photos, or an AAA branch. In case you are traveling with your baby, there are some requirements for kids’ Romanian id photos. The best thing about taking a kid’s passport photos is that you can use ThePhotoApp photos. This works well because you don’t need to go to a photo studio for these shoots.

These are the requirements for your kids’ Romanian id photo;

These Romanian passport photo requirements are essential for kids but obtaining them is cheap. As long as you have a decent camera on your tablet or phone, the process will be convenient. When the image processing is over, you can download the government compliant photo and print it at home. However, you need high-quality photo papers.

Romanian Passport Photo Requirements

Before traveling, there are some requirements for your Romanian passport you should know;

Firstly, from the earlier explanations, your passport photo should have dimensions of 35x45mm, and the photos should be three. The background of these images should be white, light grey, or cream.

Photo for Romania Citizenship ID Card is 30x40mm with a 7mm white band on the bottom

Secondly, all photos should be taken from the front face position.

You shouldn’t wear your head wrap or excess makeup and jewellery.

Some Romanian visa requirements are;

How to Take a Romanian Passport Photo Using a Smartphone?

When taking your Romanian passport photo, there are some requirements;

This is everything you may need to know about getting Romanian passport photo. Are you all set for Romanian tour? Do let us know.


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