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US Passport Photos Near Me

If you’re hunting for US passport photos near me, ThePhotoApp has your back. We are a professional team of ID Photo Experts focusing on making the lives of our customers easier. We have been in the market for more than ten years. Our comprehensive market knowledge and expertise enable us to create high-end digital photos and printouts at affordable rates.

We understand the US government is strict about its passport requirements and standards. The higher authorities will reject your photo, even if it has a minor fault. We use advanced tools to highlight the unique biometric features of your face.

We will also send you the file with the correct size within 24 to 48 hours if you want to complete your US passport application online. Our digital US passport pictures have high resolution and are the size recommended by the US passport office.

We claim your photos will get acceptance by the higher authorities. If the US passport office rejects your US passport picture, you can ask for a full refund you paid. We have numerous customers in the US who love closing deals with us and appreciate our top-notch US passport photo services.

Our Services

ThePhotoApp aims to provide our US-based customers with quality passport photos online. We put our customers’ satisfaction higher than anything else. Our ID Photo experts focus on the details to create acceptable digital passport photos and printouts.

Our services include:

Fix the background of your passport photo.
Fix the tilted head to keep it in the centre of the frame.
Produce the recommended file size for digital passport photos.
Enhance your facial features and crop the images to the specifications.
All the custom photo sizes are available at our studio. You can contact us at ThePhotoApp for further clarification about our services.

US Passport Photos Online

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US Passport Photo Requirements

Like other countries, the US passport office must submit a biometric photo that meets all the standards set by the higher authorities. You need to upload a clear picture with a light-coloured background. It will help officials quickly identify the subject of your photograph by using specialised biometric programs.

When posing for a US passport picture, you need to consider the following requirements:

Your US passport picture must have been taken within the last six months.

You must have neutral facial expressions; even a small smile on your face can create a hurdle.
Your head should be in the centre of the frame while looking directly ahead.

You should not wear headphones, dark glasses, and other jewelery items (you can wear prescription glasses as long as they don’t reflect any light or leave a glare on your face).
Your eyes should be open and visible.
You should wear normal clothing because uniforms and extravagant dresses can result in photo rejection. But you can cover your head only for religious purposes.
The background of your US passport photos should be white or off-white.

Getting US passport photos online can be challenging. But the most straightforward approach of ThePhotoApp makes the process as quick and easier as possible. With our swift delivery services and affordable rates, you will not get a better deal than ThePhotoApp.

US Passport Photo Quality

For digital photos, the US passport office demands you upload a high-resolution image that is not grainy, blurry, or pixelated. Your passport-style picture should be printed on glossy or matte photo-quality paper for printouts. We at ThePhotoApp use the Dye Sublimation Printer to create clear photographic prints. We will deliver a set of 4 well-trimmed passport photos to your doorstep.

US Passport Photo Size

The standards the US passport office sets state that your face has to occupy 50 to 69% of the image’s height. The size of your passport-style photo should be between 600×600 and 1,200×1,200 pixels. In addition, officials only allow you to upload a JPG file format of the digital image. And the size of this JPG file should be at most 240 kilobytes with a compression ratio of 20:1.

The experts at ThePhotoApp will surely cover all the technical specifications of your passport photos. You will also receive a perfect size JPG file of your digital image via email within 24 to 48 hours.

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Why Should You Choose ThePhotoApp for Your US Passport Photos Online?

The professionals of ThePhotoApp have been offering top-notch services for over a decade. The following perks will encourage you to choose us for creating an acceptable US passport photo online:

Our quality control process ensures that your US passport photo meets all the biometric requirements of the government.
Get clear and verified US passport photos online.
Enjoy our free and fast delivery services.
Renew your US passport photos at budget-friendly rates.
Get a custom-sized passport-style photo.

ThePhotoApp is your one-stop shop for getting premium-quality passport-style digital photos and printouts. You can visit our studio to get the best passport photos for your travel document or use our official website to get US passport photos online.

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