UK Passport photo requirements for UK passport.

Satisfying UK Passport photo requirements is essential in order for your application to process further. If for instance, the photos that you provide are incorrect form, then you will not get your passport. In order to apply for UK passport and UK visa, follow the instructions mentioned below.

For the applicant applying for the UK passport and visa, these are the photo requirements you should follow.

  • Look forward and exact on the camera
  • Do not bend and keep your body posture straight
  • Keep your facial expressions very neutral
  • Do not wear glasses or sunglasses
  • Hair or scarf should not come on the face
  • Only one person in the picture
  • Should not show the red-eye

Photo quality and background

The background should be of grey colour or else plain cream and the picture quality should be excellent. Apart from this, the picture must be recently taken maximum one month before. You should be very careful about your picture and make sure there are no creases, no writing on it and it is not torn.

Requirements for children

For children aged five and under, there is no need for neutral expressions and it is not necessary for them to look at the camera. As for babies, they are not required to keep their eyes open. Need help, visit ThePhotoApp

children passport photo

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