Sign Your Passport Form

Who can sign your passport forms and photos?

It is a common fact the passport photographs need a signature but what most people fail to understand is that there are specific rules for getting a passport photo signed. Read on to find out what should you keep in mind when getting the passport photos signed.

When do you need a passport photo to be signed?

The first time that you apply for your passport you have to get the application as well as the passport photo signed on the back. When you apply for the passport again, when your appearance has changed, or when you are replacing the passport, you will need the sign on your photo.

The person signing the photo

Now that you have filled in your application form and the photo is ready, how will you choose who is going to sign your photo? The person who signs your passport photo should be familiar to you for a period of 2 years and for a child, he should know the adult. It is also necessary that they should be living in the UK and have a valid passport.

Who cannot sign the passport?

The person who signs your photo should know everything about you. However, the person should not be a relative or spouse of yours. The person should not be staying with you and you can also not ask your GP for signature on your photo. However, if the GP is trustworthy, then he can sign the picture.

Occupation of those who sign

If you check out the government website of the UK, you will find a list of the occupations of those eligible to sign your passport photo. However, the list includes such occupations, for instance, a teacher, banker, journalist, police officer, accountant or a nurse.

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