Photo Requirements for Chinese Passport

Chinese Passport Photo Requirements

Chinese Passport photo requirements you need to know. The applicant must provide in with his photo and keep in mind these details:

  • Photo must be colored and have a white background. The photograph must be recently taken for proof to show at the airport.
  • The width of the head should be 22 to 15 mm, while the height of the head should be 33 to 28 mm. The entire size of the photograph should be 33mm x 48mm.
  • At the time when you are shooting for your picture, the applicant must keep a straight face and body posture should be upright. There is no need for any facial expressions since they should be neutral.
  • Hat and scarves are allowed only for religious reasons, and glasses are allowed as well except for the thick-rimmed ones as well as those which are tinted.
  • The photograph should be completely natural and should not be red-eyed.
  • The background should be pure white and there should be no objects visible in the background.

If your photo does not meet the mentioned requirements, your visa and passport application will be rejected.



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