Can I take a passport photo using my iPhone?

Taking pictures for your passport is a big responsibility and this responsibility doubles up if it is a child’s passport. However, this problem can be reduced within minutes if you use your phone to take pictures. How about using your mobile phone such as the iPhone to take the pictures at home?

iPhone Passport Photo

Yes obviously you can, but you should follow a few guidelines before processing further.

The government of the UK accepts online photo and they do accept digital photos which are taken from mobile phones by three methods. Firstly if there is someone who takes pictures for you with a good device, then, let the passport photo experts help you to generate a digital photo code or else when you visit a photo booth. Out of all of these 3 methods, the first method is the easiest one.

Follow the guidelines which are mentioned on the website of the government of the united kingdom. In order to get a perfect picture, make sure that the background is of light colour and your body posture is correct. Do not worry about the size of your photo as you will have the option of adjusting it later when it is about to be uploaded.

However, even after all this, you are confused about your picture quality, then you can avail the services of ThePhotoApp. ThePhotoApp will ensure a smooth process and make it quick. You just have to upload your picture on ThePhotoApp and the rest it will manage.

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