How Greek Passport Photo Maker Can Save You Time, Stress, and Money.

Our key picture studio – The Imaging Professionals is based in Coventry and is able to generate Greek Passport photos and also visa photos that are appropriate for the new-style Greek Passports and visas. We have a well-equipped expert key photo studio and also our team have the proficiency to be able to provide you with Greek passport photos or visa photo that will certainly satisfy all the needs put in the area by the Greek embassy.

Greek Passport Photos

Our Greek Passport Photo Maker Ideas

We can take your Greek Passport Photos in-store OR we can post them to you with quick distribution. Simply post a picture on your own & allow us to do the rest! We ensure that the Greek passport image or visa picture you receive from us will certainly pass at the Consular office.

Without a suitable image, obtaining a Greek passport is not practical. To guarantee that your Greek ticket or visa does not experience any kind of problems, you should have a Greek key photo or visa picture that satisfies all of the requirements as well as is of real likeness to yourself.

What Does Greek Passport Photo Maker Do?

You must make certain that your Greek passport image as well as visa picture meet every single one of the needs listed here, otherwise your application might be turned down by the Greek Embassy. Your Greek key picture ought to measure 60mm x 40mm or 1. 57 inches x 2. 36 inches, without a framework. Order Greek Passport Photos Online, Click Here

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