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Anthony Staff asked 3 years ago
Is it OK for me to submit a photo, with just a little bit of shadow behind my head?
1 Answers
thephotoapp Staff answered 1 year ago

Yes. However, read our

Golden Rules for a better ID, Visa & Passport Photo

The Photo should be taken with a bright colour/plain background & in a well lit area without shadow on any part of your face.
The photo should include a full head, full shoulders and full Chest.
Please move the subject a little bit away (0.5metre) from the background and a bit away from the camera (1metre).
Please do not camera flash. (One side of the face must not be brighter than the other side)
Please ensure that your head is in a straight position (i.e both ears can be seen equally in the photo)
Please do not use camera flash and ensure the camera is on the same eye level with the subject.
Please check that you can maintain eye contact with the photo before sending it to us.
Maintain a neutral facial expression, smiling not allowed & better without glasses

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