QuestionsCategory: QuestionsHow to Take a Passport Photo With iPhone?
thephotoapp Staff asked 2 years ago

Please tell us How to Take a Passport Photo With iPhone?

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thephotoapp Staff answered 1 year ago
You can take a passport photo with iPhone. Most mobile devices including iPhone are able to produce high quality photographs which one can use to generate an acceptable passport size photo. Issues that most people have are to convert it to the right size that will meet the requirements, get it printed and delivered to them at home. You may need the help of ID Photo Experts at ThePhotoApp to get it printed and cut it to the right size to meet photo specifications. Click here to order pass guaranteed passport photos online. The ID Photo experts at  ThePhotoApp are able to help to turn your selfie or photo from your webcam to ideal photo for passports, driving licence, visa photo. ThePhotoApp will get your printed to the right size, offer both email & home delivery services. All passport photo sizes are possible such as 35x45mm Australian Visa Photo, 35x45mm UK Passport Photo, 2×2 inches US Visa Photo, 25×35 Indian PAN Card, Greek 40x60mm Photo, Japan Certificate of Eligibility Photo, Russia 35x45mm Photo, Qatar Blue Background Photo, Chinese 33x48mm Photo, South Africa Passport Photos, Romania 30x40mm Citizenship Photo and lot more. Need more experts guide, follow Instructions to take your own passport photo at home.