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Our key picture studio based in Paddington, London has the ability to generate Greek key pictures and visa images that are suitable for the new-style Greek passport as well as visas. We have a well-appointed specialist passport picture studio and our staff have the knowledge to be able to give you a Greek key photo or visa picture that will certainly satisfy all the needs established by the Greek embassy (Greek passport photos).

See us at our store in Coventry. When you visit our studio in Coventry, we will certainly take a picture of you while you wait. Option 2: Get a Greek passport picture by post.  Take a picture of it on your own against a white wall in your home & send it to us.

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Post your picture to us and we assure you that the Greek photo or visa photo your get from us will certainly pass at the Embassy.

Without an appropriate photo, getting a Greek passport is not possible. To guarantee that your Greek passport or visa does not encounter any kind of problems, you should have a Greek photo that satisfies all of the demands and also is of true similarity to your own.

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You have to make certain that your Greek passport image and visa image satisfy every solitary one of the needs detailed below, otherwise, your application may be turned down by the Greek Embassy. Your Greek ticket photo needs to measure 60mm x 40mm or 1.

The photos for the ticket should be recent. There ought to be no other noticeable photo in the photo.

The Basic Principles Of Greece Passport Photo

should not be seen The photos ought to not be created on inkjet or printer. Where to get greek passport pictures. They need to not have dots. The distance from the imaginary line which goes across in between the eyes to the reduced component of the photo ought to be 30mm X 39 mm Guarantee the facial attributes of the person are apparent as well as clear in regard to the background being made use of.

The size of the face determining from the best ear to the left ear ought to be 20 mm as much as 25mm The length of the face beginning from the top of the head to the jaw ought to be between 31 mm and also 35 mm. When taking Greek ticket pictures, make certain the image reveals the all-natural colour of the face and is clear.

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The pictures must be of high resolution as well as not have pixels-raster as well as should not be printed on inkjet or printer. The photos must be produced on high-top quality photo paper without any watermarks or being embossed. The photos need to be evaluated at 1200 dpi. When taking a Greek picture, grins and also various other faces are restricted. Order Greek Passport Photo Online, Click Here

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