British Passport Application

Who can countersign a British passport application?

It is very easy to get the right person to countersign your passport application. You just need the help of someone who can sign at the back of your passport photo to confirm that the picture is really you. However, there are a few rules required for the person who can countersign a British passport.


Who can sign?

The first rule required is that the person signing your passport photo should know you from 2 years. It should not be someone who is your relative or spouse.

It should be a person who is able to identify you well, and someone who has a personality in the area you live. The person must have retired from their job or should have any of the occupations mentioned below.

The person counter-signing your passport must also be a resident of the UK and have a British passport.


What the countersignatory must do

Once you have decided who will sign your photo and all the criteria is met, there is the need for signature at the back of the passport photograph.

The person must write this at the back of the photograph “ I certify that this is a true likeness of (Title, Forename, Surname)”.

After writing this out, the person must then do his signature as well as mention their date at the time of signing. After this, you can then submit your passport application.

You must thoroughly read the rules about who is eligible in counter-signing your passport photo or else it can lead to the rejection of your passport application.

You should also let the counter-signing person that the passport office may contact him/her to confirm your details

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