Sign Your Passport Form

Who can sign your passport forms and photos? It is a common fact the passport photographs need a signature but what most people fail to understand is that there are specific rules for getting a passport photo signed. Read on to find out what should you keep in mind when getting the passport photos signed. […]

British Passport Application

Who can countersign a British passport application? It is very easy to get the right person to countersign your passport application. You just need the help of someone who can sign at the back of your passport photo to confirm that the picture is really you. However, there are a few rules required for the […]

iPhone Passport Photo

Can I take a passport photo using my iPhone? Taking pictures for your passport is a big responsibility and this responsibility doubles up if it is a child’s passport. However, this problem can be reduced within minutes if you use your phone to take pictures. How about using your mobile phone such as the iPhone […]

10 Steps Required to Take Good Passport Photo

10 Steps Required to take good Passport Photo and Visa Photo In order to have a good passport and visa photo, it is very important that you get your picture taken from a good place. It is also very important to follow all the requirements of getting a good passport and visa photo. Find out […]

Canadian Passport Photo Requirements

Canadian Passport Photo Requirements. In order to find out what are the visa and passport photo requirements for Canada and The Permanent Residence Visa Photo,  follow these rules: the photograph should measure 50 x 70mm Picture should be recent 2 pictures are needed There are no restrictions for beards Facial expressions should be neutral Eyes […]