Australia Passport Photo Requirements

Australia Visa Photo Requirements and Australia Passport Photo.

A photograph is a very important part and security for your passport. Due to the picture on the passport, it makes it easy for the Australian security to recognize and avoid any identity fraud. In order to apply for the visa and passport of Australia, you need to follow the following guidelines mentioned below.

  • The picture should be recently taken and should be of good quality
  • There should be no red-eye marks or shadows in the picture
  • Background should be grey or white nothing too dark
  • The face should be facing towards the camera and eye should not blink
  • The hair should be away from the face
  • Keep your mouth closed while eyes should be open
  • Keep a very neutral expression on your face and maintain seriousness
  • Size should be 35mm x45mm

Other things to be careful about when applying for the Australian passport and visa

Covering the head is allowed if it is for religious reasons but it should be plain in colour and nothing too fancy. As for small babies and infants, a supporting hand is allowed to balance their head which is not supposed to show in the picture.

Looking for the Right Place to get photos that match Australia Visa Photo Requirements.

You may use ThePhotoApp or get in touch with local passport photo maker or visit nearby Walgreens store.

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